Our story


We immortalized this jumble of cords with a photo because it was the motive behind our whole new adventure! When we looked at it (day after day!), we had to ask ourselves how it was possible that in 2018 there didn’t yet exist an adequate solution for hiding this mess of wires. It gave us an idea and 24 hours later, Rollup Extensions was an incorporated company.

A few months later, our plans were facing a snag (like our cords): we couldn’t entirely produce our product locally, a core value for us. So we decided to put our idea on the shelf and came up with a new concept… and CAMO was born!

Our mission


We founded our company with the mission of using recovered materials as source materials for the objects we design, whenever possible, so as to preserve resources by diverting waste from landfills, and to help build a better future for our children.

Our values


In growing our company, we have realized that the concept of respect is even more important to us than we thought. Every day, respect is the primary driver of our choices, our actions and our interactions. Without this core value, Rollup would not be where it is today, and we are eager to see where it will take us tomorrow.